Planned Matings Taking Place

September 1, 2016
Kittens Available

It's been a while since I have posted , My F2 girl proves to be a choosy lady when looking for a mating partner. We thought we had finally found a handsome man that she likes in Precious Ra of Aalspotz , but it was not meant to be. She is now directing her attentions to my new stud boy, now he is more mature. I think he will compliment her beautifully.  Meanwhile, my new little stud boy has been practicing his technique with my F3 girl . We are very excited at the thought of these both matings being a success. Pixel has some unique lines to bring to the UK and has blessed us with a stunning F3 daughter to continue the good work. The combination of Pixel/Eshe & Kanu world famous lines can only make the world of breeding good quality breed standard cats, a good thing for the UK.



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