August 1, 2019

So a week ago I became mum to this gorgeous F4 Savannah called Sekou, I already have a 17 month old Bengal, but I’m new to Savannah’s and what can I say I fell in love with his video, so I contacted savannah Mania cats and spoke to his breeder Andrea Cowling who absolutely devoted to her cats and has a completely unique line of Savannah’s that no one else has in the u.k. long story short I’m completely blown away with this little big boy he’s amazing not only is he stunning but has the perfect character I’ve never owned such a clever and affectionate cat, he headbutts me constantly and I have completely lost my personal space lol if I sit down then he’s straight on my lap and I wouldn’t have it any other way.... I’m totally converted from Bengal enthusiasts to savannah cats.. Savannah Mania currently has one of sekou’s brother left Ajuma and he is the biggest boy in the litter....they are from champion lines and complete lovebugs


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