Searching for your ideal Savannah Cat

February 16, 2017

A few pointers for buyers when thinking of purchasing a kitten/cat. How is it housed ? what diet do you feed ? is the cat indoor or outdoor ? what testing has been done on your lines ? How do I ensure the cat settles into my home? will this kind of cat be suitable for me ? Is the cat registered and you as a breeder registered? Do you give any guarantee on the cat /kitten? Will it be neutered or spayed ? What is the breed standard & how well do your cats meet this ? Why are cats priced differently ? What should I be looking for in the health of a cat /kitten? How do I know if the cat/kitten is from healthy lines ? What support will you give me and for how long ? Do I have to sign a contract ?

A reputable breeder should be able to answer these questions confidently, always ask to see proof of any testing done on lines, the barest minimum should be PK Def NN (a form of anemia affecting the cats health long term) and PRA test (causes blindness in cats) there are many other testings that could be done, but this could go on endlessly , if you have a concern about a condition discuss the possibility of this with your breeder. You will see cats varying a lot in pricing, the list above gives you pointers on why this may be. At the end of the day, you should get what you pay for and the security of a long healthy life together. Good luck with your Search for your new furry member 

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