Kito - SOLD

April 8, 2017

F4 SBT male kitten Kito - Sold!

This guy is a really good size, has a nice ear set developing, large black inky
spotting with a nice golden undercoat developing

Coleen Coombs reviewed Savannah Cat Mania . Savmania – 5 star25 September 2016

A bit dubious at first but soon Andrea's knowledge of her cats shone through, she knows her cats and my mind was put at ease whether or not this breed was for me. I already have a catio and 3 indoor cats and passed the vetting with flying colours.Andrea has been so supportive and help is at hand whenever I need it, she certainly knows the breed through and through. Shes not pushy in any way but gives you just how it is living with a savannah and what to expect.I am now a proud owner of Kito who has been loved and cared for from birth, he has an amazingly gentle and loving personality and the energy of a dozen 2 yr olds. I hope we will be in our first show in march 2017.. Wish us luck would definitely recommend Andrea for her Savannah's


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