Ajanti - SOLD

April 29, 2017

Robert Letham - I would just like to thank you Andrea , for all your help, advice guidance and most of all my boy jumanji. loving the way he's turning out so loving and bloody cheeky hahahaha , but really excellent breeding skills Thank you Rab and jumanji

F4 SBT kitten male Ajanti.

Born 28th August 2016

Available as a special pet, to the right home. (SOLD )

Ajanti is a sweet loving little kitten with a soft golden coat and dark spots just like his mother Eshe.

He loves to play with his brother Oshi and get into all kinds of trouble but most of all loves to snuggle up on a warm lap when all the play is over. He is growing up quickly and has great type for his breed with large rounded ears, hooded eyes, a shortish tail, lovely colour and spotting. Hopefully he will grow up to be a big boy like his father Kanu.

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