How much does a Savannah cat cost ?

July 29, 2018

Price is dependent on several factors: Their filial number (F1, F2, F3 etc), their type - or how well the cats features adhere to the breed standards, the sex of the cat,  and lastly whether it is a pet or a breeding cat.

For example, the higher generation savannah's can be harder to breed and typically have smaller litters so therefore generate a higher price.

A cat with a 'good type' will be in more demand, with females of higher generations usually held back for breeding.

You can generally say that a decent Savannah cat will be a lot more expensive than your average moggy !


It has been known for an F1 to sell for upwards of £10,000.

Prices will usually be listed next to the kitten on the breeder's kittens page, typically after a couple of weeks once the sex and type of the kitten . To be able to own a Serval or F1 a DWAL (Dangerous Wild Animal License ) is Required. Information on this can be found on your local Council website , fees vary between districts and often set locally.

General Price Guide this will vary either way depending on type

Please note the price guide is for general ref only, feel free to get in touch about a particular kitten advertised.

Sex & Generation     Pet (non-active)                For Breeding (Active)

F1 - Male                                      £6000     DWA required                   N/A

F2 - Male                                      £5000                                               N/A

F3 - Male                                      £3000                                               N/A    

F4 SBT Male                                 £1800 - 2500                                   N/A

F5 SBT Male                                 £1200 - £1500                                  £3000 - £4000

 F6 SBT Male                                £750 - 900                                        £2000 - £4000

F7 SBT Male                                  £750 - 800                                       £2000 - £3500

F1 - Female                                   £12000   DWA required                   £12000

F2 - Female                                  £5500                                             £6000 - £8000

F3 - Female                                  £3000                                              £4000 - £5000

F4 - Female                                  £2500                                              £3500 - £4000

F5 - Female                                  £1750                                               £3000 - £3500

F6 - Female                                  £900                                                 £2500 - £3000

F7 - Female                                  £750                                                 £1500 - 1750

A DWA licence is needed for F1 generations only , details of this can be obtained through your local council


SBT - Stud book tradition - Purebred & can be shown

BST - Brown spotted tabby

SST - Silver spotted tabby

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