Caring for your Savannah cat

March 5, 2017

Savannahs are to be kept as house cats, or to have a catio / enclosure to explore outside safely , most Savannah's can be leash trained successfully . Some owners have cat proofed their gardens to prevent escape. Although Savannah's are active intelligent cats , they do not have road sense or fear danger the same as many domestics. There are far too many risks like being stolen, hunted, poisoned, car accidents, lost, trapped and picking up diseases. The list of possibilities is endless. We at Savannah Cat Mania have a clause in our contracts stipulating no free roaming.

It is recommended you up-keep any pet insurance created for you on the purchase of your cat, the first year, in particular, is a high risk for anyone not fully prepared for this breed . The high energy and speed can get them into some awkward positions and can be a challenge for some. You may find your savannah opening doors and windows, breaking into cupboards, stealing your personal items, it is recommended you cat proof your home as you would do for a child.

To keep your SV out of trouble , you will need to spend time playing with them to tire them, a selection of toys including feather wands , interactive toys or cat wheel will keep them out of trouble. As a cat, they are very loyal, almost dog like in personality and they love to interact and spend time with their owners , whether it be playing games or snuggle time, Savannahs can be taught tricks and will often enjoy a game of fetch. Many Savannahs enjoy water and will find the bathroom a place of fascination .

If you are looking for a unique looking, active, intelligent, interactive cat, the Savannah cat is for you. Life will never be the same...

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